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Father’s Day – a time to reflect

It’s Father’s day in a few different countries today – June 19th and it is an important time for us to think about a Dad’s role in bring up their children. Early on, often mummy is the most important person in a baby life – particularly if the baby is breastfeed. But as children grow roles merge and mummy and daddy’s role and responsibilities often merge and combine – as children generally start to play off one with the other!!

A daddy often feels he has to be the strong and sturdy male figure (indestructible just like our amazing new bibs!) but in fact showing all sides to our children – the daddy who cries, who laughs, who is afraid (normally of anything happening to their children) is the dad that is going to help children turn into wonderful and rounded adults.

Mummy and Daddy jobs are the toughest going – and everyone just has to do our best, and try and have as many laughs as possible along the way….


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