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Electric Nail Trimmer Set

Electric Nail Trimmer Set

Electric Nail Trimmer Set

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Enjoy the calm of knowing you will never accidentally hurt your baby again.

Are you afraid of hurting you baby every time you trim its nails but don't really want to pay for a trip to the nail salon?

Then this is the right product for you.

Our nail trimmer has been carefully designed to harmlessly trim and polish little finger and toe nails so you do not have to worry any longer about damaging your child's cuticles.


  • Lightweight Design: Engineered with the parents in mind, its lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for at home storage or travel use.

  • Quiet and Easy to Use:  Equipped with a AA battery powered ultra quiet motor allowing you to trim even while they're asleep without them ever noticing

  • Versatile: Suitable for all ages! Equipped with 6 different nail heads so that you can keep using it as they grow

  • Multiple Settings: Conveniently switch between clockwise our counter clockwise rotations as well as low or high speed

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